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Our workshops are now on hold for the winter season. New dates will be announced in 2024. Please SIGN UP here for updates.

Our workshops are inspired by the idea that caring for our skin can be about more than just buying a product. It can be an exciting and illuminating adventure with nature, providing a multitude of physical and emotional health benefits.

Making your own skincare is therapeutic, adventurous and empowering, connecting you with nature, fostering sustainability, and enhancing self-care and wellbeing.

Why make your own skincare?
You are one of a kind, so shouldn't your skincare be too? Making your own personalised skincare can give you complete control over the ingredients you use, ensuring a more effective approach to address your skin's unique needs. Personalising your skincare enables you to avoid potentially harmful chemicals found in some commercial products, allowing for a healthier, more nourishing skincare regime, while saving you substantial sums on shop-bought alternatives.  

The wider health benefits
We know that nature plays a vital role in keeping us emotionally, psychologically and physically healthy. Whether coastal foraging for seaweed or spending time in the garden cultivating herbs, making your own botanical skincare can be a great way to immerse yourself in nature and boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

When you understand the basic principles of botanical formulation, it opens up a world of possibilities, and you can get really creative in developing personalised skincare that targets your skin’s needs, in a way of learning that works for you.

A unique experience
Our workshops show you how easy and simple it is to create your own natural formulations with skin-nourishing ingredients you can grow at home or forage from the wild. We will take you from absolute beginner to confident and proficient formulator in no time. 

Our friendly and inclusive workshops combine theory and practical, hands-on segments. We cover the basic principles of skincare formulation, growing and foraging botanical ingredients, making oil infusions, setting up a simple skincare lab at home, and sourcing quality raw ingredients and starter equipment.

We provide all materials, equipment, premium containers and packaging for your creations. All our ingredients are plant-based, cruelty free, and ethically sourced. Step-by-step, you will make and take home your very own formulation, and you'll receive a comprehensive eBook to help you continue your formulation journey at home.

Workshop dates
Our workshops run on a seasonal basis. New dates and themes will be announced on our website and also on social media. 

Quality over quantity
We limit workshop participant numbers so that we can deliver the highest quality experience, and provide participants with one-to-one support throughout, allowing room for questions and discussions.

Group bookings, private parties, organisations and schools
We can provide private groups sessions for all ages and abilities, and can tailor activities according to requirements. Please get in touch to discuss.

PLEASE NOTE: Our workshops are intended for personal use products only, and not for commercial cosmetic production. There is no certification provided.

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