Jay Doyle, Founder of Earthly Rebels
Earthly Rebels was inspired by the idea that botanical skincare is more than just a product. Creating natural skincare from plants opens up an exciting and enlightening journey with nature, and a more creative and eco-balanced way of caring for skin.

My name is Jay. I have been making artisan skincare, lotions and potions inspired by the beach culture of Gower, for over a decade. 

I love sharing the art of botanical formulation, and so I founded Earthly Rebels to help others discover the wonders of the craft, and gain a deeper appreciation for nature's ability to heal and nourish.

Learn the art of botanical formulation, a rewarding and empowering craft
Through hands-on workshops, I help people develop the skills and confidence they need to formulate their own plant-based skincare and petcare at home, working with simple, natural ingredients such as wild-foraged seaweed and homegrown herbs.

An ancient craft with an innovative twist
I think of skincare formulation as a magnificent fusion of exact science and whimsical alchemy! My workshops combine traditional formulation techniques with innovative uses of natural ingredients. Whilst there are some cardinal rules that must be observed to create skincare that is safe and effective, I believe that botanical formulation can also be a very creative and personally expressive endeavour with limitless possibilities, and I highly encourage creative expression when teaching formulation.
Skincare with health + environmental benefits
I believe that caring for our skin and caring for our environment can be one and the same thing. Safe, sustainable and responsible engagement with our natural resources is a built-in ethos of Earthly Rebels, and the cornerstone of every workshop experience.

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