About us

When it comes to what we eat, nutrition matters. It matters that we know just what’s in our food, where and how it was grown, and what impact it has on our health and on the environment, too.

So why should it be any different when it comes to what we feed our skin?

Earthly Rebels is a farm-to-formulation range of vegan skincare. We grow ingredients packed with powerful and effective skin nutrition, while our botanical landscapes provide thriving natural habitats that promote biodiversity, and a mindful connection with nature.

Small beginnings

We started making our own plant-based skincare in 2012 because we wanted to better understand what was in the products we were using.

We wanted to decipher the jargon on product labels, and to know the purpose of each ingredient. And we started by making simple soap.

Our little soap hobby became a craft that we took to local markets (back then as Mumbles Soap Co.), and from there we developed a small range of natural skincare.

In the beginning we sourced our botanical ingredients from the UK and abroad, before deciding to take a "grow what we can" approach. We now have a smallholding devoted to growing wild skincare with health and environmental benefits.

Our main botanical ingredients include lavender, chamomile and calendula - all packed with powerful skin nutrition, while also being a rich source of food for pollinators.

For people and planet

We don’t use pesticides or herbicides. We grow species that flower from spring through to autumn, and we harvest late into the season to extend the pollination window. We also sustainably forage other ingredients locally, including seaweed, wild coastal gorse and dandelions.

Our other raw ingredients, such as tropical plant oils and butters, are sourced according to our Ethical Sourcing Policy. We work with suppliers with transparent supply chains, fair trade policies, and a clear ethical stance on the environmental and social impact of their raw materials.

We handcraft in small batches, staying true to time-honoured growing and production methods to retain the potency and benefits of our natural ingredients. The result is nutritious, gentle, safe and effective skincare that is kind to you, kinder to our planet. 

A brand you can trust

We take a science-based approach to everything we do. Our formulations are guided by our in-house Chartered Chemist, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and all our products undergo rigorous safety assessments compliant with UK cosmetic safety regulations.

Growing: in every sense of the word

In autumn 2021, we were fortunate to be offered a studio at the wonderful Gower Heritage Centre, a visitor attraction of historic significance, dating back to the 12th century.

The studio just happens to be a treehouse: a magical, enchanting space with a living, growing, 100-year-old majestic cherry tree. It is a truly inspiring place that we love sharing with our community and visitors from around the world. 

Building a community

We are an independent, micro enterprise of people doing something we care about. We love growing and making natural skincare, but we also want to help grow the movement of people who want a more compassionate and sustainable way to care for their skin. 

So we also provide experiences, such as maker workshops and demonstrations, to help nurture a community of growers and makers, giving people of all ages and aspirations the confidence and skills they need to embark on their own creative journey towards natural skincare formulation.