Making Botanical Products Safe & Suitable for Dogs

We want only the best for our fur-buddies, yet caution is paramount when using botanical ingredients on dogs, to ensure their wellbeing and to avoid potential health risks.

Making your own natural petcare is a more eco-balanced, creative and empowering approach to caring for your dog. However, it is important to acknowledge that a dog's acute sense of smell and unique metabolism can make them more susceptible to the effects of natural ingredients. For example, some oils that are generally considered safe for humans may pose risks and distress to our furry friends, so it is crucial to approach pet formulations with caution.

3 compelling reasons to make your own petcare

1. Tailored Care
: Craft your botanical creations to fit your furry friend's needs, ensuring a personalised blend that addresses specific conditions and sensitivities.

2. Pure Ingredients, Happy Paws: By making your own petcare, you control the ingredients, allowing you to choose natural, nourishing elements that promote health without exposing your pet to potentially harmful additives found in commercial products.

3. Bonding through Creation: The process of making botanical petcare becomes a shared experience, deepening the bond between you and your dog. Transforming simple ingredients into a caring remedies becomes an act of love, fostering trust and wellbeing.

If you would like to learn the craft of botanical formulation tailored to dogs, join us at our forthcoming Paw Balm workshops at Founders & Co., Sunday April 7. In this dog-centric experience, we explore the art and science of botanical formulation tailored for canine sensitivities. You will gain unique skills and knowledge for a more eco-balanced, creative and empowering approach to caring for your pet. And, dogs are welcome! 

For full details and to book your place, click here.

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