Ethical Sourcing Policy

Here we aim to outline our approach to sourcing raw materials from suppliers around the globe, ensuring transparency and honesty in our brand and across everything we do. 

  • We work with suppliers with transparent supply chains, prioritising those with fair trade policies and a clear ethical stance on the environmental and social impact of their raw materials and supply chains.
  • In selecting our suppliers, we consider a broad range of factors such as how materials are grown, how they are harvested and transported, and their societal and environmental impact in their place of origin.
  • We prioritise partners affiliated with certified organisations where possible. We assess suppliers' undertakings of regular inspections of their growers and partners, where possible obtaining evidence of practices and fair market prices.
  • We strive to ensure "sustainable growth", taking the community and co-operative needs of growers into consideration, and ensuring that our raw material suppliers support their local growers and producers to scale and develop their businesses. 
  • We strive to retain the natural integrity of our ingredients, aiming for minimal adulteration or dilution, limiting these to levels necessary for dermal safety and product integrity.

Everything we do is work in progress, and we are continually learning, developing and making improvements. We are not perfect, but we are honest. If there is anything we are doing that you think we could do better or change, please let us know and we'll address it.