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The Nature Lab: what is it?
A fun-first, can’t fail approach to learning designed primarily for Key Stage 1 and Key Stag 2 children. 

We all know that Nature + Play is a powerful formula to inspire and stimulate young minds. In the Nature-Lab, children learn to make useful, beautiful things using a range of natural materials such as foraged seaweed and homegrown flowers, creating exciting and functional objects such as soaps, bathbombs and home therapies.

The sessions are typically 1 - 2 hours in length. Longer sessions, such as half and full days, can be designed depending on individual requirements.

The classes are suitable and beneficial for all children, but our therapeutic-play approach is particularly helpful for neurodiverse children.

What to expect
The sessions are designed to be engaging, immersive, creative, and hands-on experiences with a sensory and tactile approach. Most importantly, they are designed to be fun - but fun with an important purpose: to learn, to achieve, to thrive.

Through purposeful activities with obtainable outcomes, children gain a sense of achievement while also learning important life-skills by working through behaviours that can inhibit learning, such as anxiety, emotional dysregulation, poor impulse control, and inattention. We use storytelling throughout the activities to help keep children engaged, and cover fascinating tops in an age-appropriate way, such as chemistry, history and biology.

The activities involve teamwork and building social relationships, helping children identify with others’ feelings, and learn how empathy and mutual understanding can help us achieve the outcomes we want.

If you would like to know more or are interested in booking a Nature Lab session, please get in touch.

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