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Wolf & Moon is our new range of fresh plant-basedĀ canine care, lovingly handcrafted to bring the purest elements of nature to dogs. Its purpose is twofold:

.. to help dogs access the aromatherapeutic benefits of plants, empowering them to tap into their innate healing instincts and elevate their emotional and physical wellbeing, and;

.. to foster a deep emotional bond between dogs and their humans through a sensory-rich petcare experience.

Going back to basics
Plants are natureā€™s original medicine, offering healing and vital nourishment throughout time. Wolf & Moon is inspired by the scientific principles of Zoopharmacognosy ā€“ the study of how animals instinctively use plants and other natural substances to maintain their health and wellbeing. Our range of products is designed to help people offer the myriad benefits of plants to their pets in a way that is safe, mutually empowering and enriching.

Tested on humans; tailored to dogs
Our lifelong passion for dogs is at the heart of Wolf & Moon, so it goes without saying that their wellbeing and their distinct physiological and sensory needs are paramount. Building on ourĀ 15+ years of skincare formulation experience, ourĀ formulations are tailored specifically toĀ canine sensitivities to ensureĀ that your dogĀ receives the care and support they need without compromising their health or comfort. Ā Ā 

Slowly made in small batch in our tiny Swansea studio
We handcraft products from a variety of safe and non-toxic plants, each chosen to address a range of common physical ailments and behavioural conditionsĀ in dogs. From the calming influence of angelica root for anxiety, to the insect-repelling properties of gorse flower seed, each ingredient serves a therapeutic purpose. No fillers, no junk; just pure, natural goodness.

A holistic approach
Your petā€™s wellbeing is at our heart. It is therefore important for us to add that our products are not designed or intended as stand-alone medical interventions or as a substitute to professional veterinarian care. Always consult with a veterinarian for your pet's specific health concerns and needs, and always follow their expert advice for maintaining your petā€™s health.

Wolf & MoonĀ will be released in March 2024. Sign up on our homepage for updates.

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